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What's this ?
Is it really necessary to introduce Angry Birds ?
You never heard about this amazing game for iPhone ?? And now distibuted for other platforms.
So, we have made a little presentation !

Well, let's now talk about the goal of this site!
We suggest you to enter your scores for each level of the game (we are working for an automatic sending of your scores) in order to compare them with your friends by creating groups.

Some would say it makes no sense because you can enter any score ... but it actually has no interest to insert some huge scores, the goal is to compare yourself with friends, there is no world ranking and nothing to gain!

Others will say that the system "crystal" is already integrated into the iPhone ... indeed but you can't compare your scores with Android's owners !

In conclusion, this site is for fans of the game who want to compete with friends ... and I can tell you that it works well with my colleagues at the office ;-)
The story
When the advent calendar 2010 in Angry Birds Seasons appeared, we have become accustomed morning at the office to compare our results of the level of the day.

Then, quickly, a spreadsheat has been created to compare the results of each one, the idea of setting up a small web application appeared to compare our results during the evening and weekends.

As we must not be the only one to compare our scores, we thought that it could be interesting for other fans of the game to also enter their results!

After about one year, the site is a success with thousands of players from around the world !!
We take this anniversary period to set up a new design, a big thanks to misterbenj34 for having removed
that ;-)